Saturday, May 31, 2008


so i really like to talk a lot, especially on the phone. so today i was on the phone with my sister emma for about and hour and forty-five minutes. that's nothing. i've been known to talk to twice that long about nothing. so anyway, derek buzzes in and makes me hand up with emma and then goes on a tirade on how talking for so long is ridiculous. it's not like it's running up my bill or anything. i have unlimited calling on my phone. i can call anyone i want in the us and talk as long as i want as often as i want. so, anyway, i just sit and listen to him because there is really nothing for me to say. now for the kicker- derek got off of work and he was supposed to go to the store and get some things tonight so we would have them for tomorrow: milk, tape gun, fruit snacks, maybe some chips ahoys or oreos. an hour after he was supposed to be off i called his cell phone to see where he was. that's right, standing in front of his work talking to an employee. and how long had he been standing there talking? 40 minutes he says! now he knows he's in trouble. so i tell him now he sees how easy it is to talk for a long time about nothing. he has now promised not to get mad at me for talking to my siblings on the phone for exorbitant amounts of time. don't mess with the master, young grasshopper.

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EmmaP said...

plus...who says we were talking about nothing??? you & i both know the importance of the subject matter at hand. We're just not at liberty to discuss it with everyone else :)

Lesson learned, grasshopper. well done.