Friday, May 30, 2008


my kids are playing with refrigerator magnets in the kitchen. they are pretty calm right now. whenever we go anywhere they just seem to go crazy. they get all hyper because they are excited, i guess. people think that they are just wild hellions all the time, but when we are home alone they are usually pretty good. i'm looking forward to moving soon. we've been approved for a new apartment and now we just have to give them the money for a deposit and first months rent. i think it will be a really good move for us. we'll be a lot closer to derek's work and we'll be in my parent's ward so we can sit with them at church. my kids have been doing better at church. i don't have to chase them down so much anymore. i think if i just always have books for them to look at they will be easier to keep in the pew. oh, and if i have plenty of fruit snacks for them to nibble on.

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greenolive said...

My kids are the same way. they even act up if I'm on the phone. Anytime they notice they are less likely to get in trouble they will take advantage of the situation.