Monday, May 17, 2010

The Trip

i'm leaving for my trip to utah on thursday. i'm not gonna be able to visit all the people i wanted to. my mom is coming with me and the kids to visit two of my sisters. they live about an hour apart from eachother, so we can see them both fairly easily. one of my nieces is graduating from kindergarten, so we will get to see that.

i think it will be good for andy to see some school stuff since he'll be starting kindergarten this fall. he hasn't really had any school experience except for a few performances by his cousins, like plays or recitals. andrew never went to preschool. we didn't feel it was necessary. we've worked with him on knowing his colors, shapes, numbers, and letters. he can write an A very well. we are still working on the rest of his name. just yesterday he wrote ANDY. the A was great, the N was way too tall, and D looked like a triangle, and the Y looked like an X. he's getting there. we've got plenty of time. i think the only thing he would have gained from preschool would be social skills. he does learn social skills at church on sundays. his class has several kids his age and he gets along well with them. at least, that's what i hear. i know that when there have been problems in the past i've heard about them.

so, back to my visitin' plans. i think we are going to have a lot of fun. my one sister is looking forward to playing games, and she's promised to make scones. it's been a long time since i had any of those. whenever i'm at her house we have fun laughing and talking. my other sister is a really good story teller, so i'm looking forward to talking with her. plus, all my nieces and nephews are way cool. can't wait to see them.


okeydokeyifine said...

hope you have fun, let me know how it turned out. hahahaha

Ruthykins said...

whatever, lady. you are so weird! how about you let me know how your trip is? ha ha ha ha!

EmmaP said...

We're gonna play games at my house too!