Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back Home

we made it back home safely last night. we had a fun, very quick, trip. we only made it to spanish fork and woods cross. i would have liked to go up to logan if i'd had more time and visit some more relatives. i had fun with my sisters. we played games and talked. i got to see an old friend, amber, that i hadn't seen in about 6 years or so. she came to emma's house to see me. it was really nice to see her, and to meet her friend whose comments i see regularly on facebook. amber has an etsy shop called "orange you happy" where she sells the jewelry she makes. sometimes i think that i would like to open an etsy shop, but i don't make enough things to sell. plus i never think that my stuff is any good for anyone besides me. meaning, only i would settle for it. anyway, it was nice to see amber. we figured out that the last time we would have seen eachother was at a wedding back in '04. i tried to see my friend kristen, but she happened to go on vacation just that weekend. anyway, we had fun. can't wait to do it again! that is, if i don't have to do all the driving. i tried to get my mom to drive, but emmy wanted gram to sit next to her.


Puphigirl said...

I hope a good time was had by all.

EmmaP said...

i was tired and I didn't even drive :)

glad you came. it was fun. maybe next time will be Christmas???