Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Plans

i'm looking forward to memorial day. we are gonna picnic at a park. i want to play croquet. emmy is gonna wear her sqeaky sandals. every step she takes they make a squeak. i told her she is not allowed to wear them to church and she seems okay with that.

last night we had my newly 12 year old niece babysit the kids for us. it was the first time we had her babysit the kids. seems like it all went okay. emmy's shell anklet broke again, so she called and talked to me while i was out. when i came home i reworked it. emmy was so happy. andrew wants one now.


greenolive said...

What? You get to go to a picnic tomorrow and you had a babysitter last night. You are so lucky.

EmmaP said...

Anastasia is very mature for her age... so I am sure she is a great babysitter.

Deborah said...

We had so much fun at the picnic! Not even the wind could dampen our fun...ok, that's not entirely true. It did eventually win out. But it was still a lot of fun!