Friday, June 4, 2010

Emmy is 4!

emmy was born on a sunday night. she was about three weeks early. she was so tiny. the tiniest baby i'd ever seen in real life. she was 4 lbs and 12 oz. her legs were long, but she would curl them up and then she would be just a little bigger than daddy's hand. usually the hospital won't release babies until they are at least 5 lbs, but the pediatritian who checked her out couldn't find anything wrong with her. in fact, she said that emmy could have been born three weeks earlier and been just fine, except for the weight. we don't know why she was so small. she's still really small. when she was a newborn i had her in the snuggie and i was pushing andrew in the stroller at a store. i was looking at whatever and this lady saw emmy move. she was surprised because she thought i was carrying a toy for andrew. another time we were at a relative's house and there was a babydoll on the floor near the front door. derek came in the room and couldn't believe someone just let emmy lay there where she could get stepped on. then he realized what it was and we all had a good laugh.

here's emmy about a month before she turned 1.

here she is on her 1st birthday.

here she is at a park in indiana.

in line waiting for santa claus.

and swinging with andrew
2 yrs old.

3 yrs old.
i need to get some more recent pictures. her party is tomorrow, so i'll be posting again soon.


Puphigirl said...

So cute!

Unknown said...

I did not give her permission to grow up so quickly.

greenolive said...

The picture right about Alice reminds me of when you were a little girl.
Happy Birthday Emmy!!

EmmaP said...

I am soooooo excited for her party!!! I cannot WAIT to see the pics!!! (can you tell I miss doing "theme" parties for my kids???)