Saturday, June 5, 2010

Emmy's Party!

emmy's party went well. there is hardly any fighting and the kids seem to enjoy themselves. a few people dressed up.

here's emmy in her new "cinderella" dress.

here's molly. emmy said she's aurora.

i dubbed him sir logan the gallant.

anastasia dressed as an evil step sister.

the kids made castles out of wafer cookies and frosting.
here's logan's.

and rachel's.


caelin's. i don't know why she looks angry. she didn't seem to be in a bad mood.

austin's castle.

andy's cake.


all the presents.

all the gifts.

here's the cake. we hired my friend maura to make it.

singing happy birthday to emmy.

blowing out the candles.

she did it!

when people left they got to take their cookie castles and a royal scepter. my sister emma made these for us. they are pixie stix with foam stars staples to them. the front of the stars have card stock on them in various styles.

so, that was the party. it went well. we played another game, but i didn't get any pictures. it was a pin the crown on the princess poster game and hannah won.


greenolive said...

Wow!! The costumes looked great, the cake was awesome and the scepters were sooo cute. What a fun party. gueaday

Puphigirl said...

What flavor was t cake? It looks yummy.

EmmaP said...

i like logan's mustache! hahaha!
i am glad she had fun. looks like she had a hair cut? or is it just curled under? looks really cute.

i want those strawberry wafer cookies! mmm!!!

EmmaP said...

oh, and was the quilt one of her gifts too? I love that quilt!

Duke said...

Looks like fun. sorry my girls couldn't make it. I"m sure they would have had so much fun!

Glad you liked the cake!