Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's Too Early

What is an acceptable time to start installing new carpet in an apartment above somebody? This morning I was waked up by banging and booming sounds. I thought whatever they were dropping on the floor up there was gonna come down through my ceiling. Then there was just an awful lot of hammering. I couldn't figure out what they might be doing. Derek somehow figured out that they were laying new carpet. That makes sense, but did they have to start so early? This was maybe 8am. Couldn't they have waited till 10am? Maybe I just wanted to sleep in since I had a restless night and all. Andrew wasn't feeling very well yesterday. He had a fever and wanted to be near us. I slept on the couch so he could sleep next to Derek in my bed. Yesterday Emmy went swimming and went to a movie. She saw "Rio" and seemed to like it. Andrew didn't get to do either of those since he was feeling sick. He was pretty bummed. He did get some licorice, though. We always sneak snacks into the theater, and even though Andrew didn't go, he still got a snack. We stayed home and watched Star Wars. He picked it. It makes me so proud to see his good sense.


Deborah said...

Oh, I know what you mean! A few weeks ago our neighbors across the street started completely renovating their house - starting by ripping up all the concrete. That means sidewalk, driveway, back patio, garage. And you know how they do that, right? They smash it up into little pieces.

These workers were dedicated and started at sun-up. Meaning by 7:30 am, I had the pillow over my head screaming, "Why me?!"

I hope they finish soon so you can get some rest.

Emily said...

I know how you feel!!! The apartment building behind us was getting a new roof last week. They started at 7am!!! TOO EARLY!!!!!

EmmaP said...

well, technically, "business hours" are 8-5. And usually for anyone in any sort of construction job (i.e., carpet layers) they start anywhere from 5am on. They were probably perturbed they had to wait til 8am! haha! But - yeah, for a residential apartmentm it does seem early. I remember always having the foam ear plugs in my night stand when I lived in apartments. the guy above me would dribble his basketball for the entire duration of the Jazz games. He was 25 years old. I had already talked to him on SEVERAL occasions. d0rk.