Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Wow, I guess I've been slacking. I haven't posted in a couple weeks. Well, I had a birthday this past Monday. I got great presents. My mom got me the first two Narnia movies and helped my kids get me "the Singles 2nd Ward". All very good. My sister-in-law Heather got me the book Emma, which I've been wanting to own since I borrowed it from someone else. My mother-in-law gave me the next two books in a series that I've been reading. They're the Culinary Mysteries: Lemon Tart, English Trifle, and Devil's Food Cake. I'd gotten the lemon one before and liked it so she got me the others. There's two more after those, so I look forward to that. We went to Derek's parents' house on my birthday and played cards. It was fun. Unfortunately, I've been battling a cough and so have the kids. Emmy didn't come that night because she wasn't feeling well at all and stayed with my mom. She's a nurse, so there's no one I'd feel more comfortable leaving a sick child with. Yeah, that's right, I ended that sentence with a preposition! Whatcha gonna do about it?


Maura said... got some great gifts. Happy birthday!! sorry I missed it on the day of!

Puphigirl said...

Sounds like fun, and those book titles have made me hungry so now I must go eat a snack.

EmmaP said...

Well -- at least it wasn't a dangling participle!

Glad you had a good birthday!