Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas is coming!

can't believe it's december already! so crazy! anyway, now that that's out of the way- so excited for Xmas. that's right, i said Xmas. i'm not afraid of shortening it. once i said that to someone and they acted all offended, like i took Christ out of it. well, X is an acceptable form of Christ. don't believe me? check it out here. i really like this place. they tell me all sorts of things and they are for real. i check out all suspicious emails here. a bil and his wife are constantly sending me things that say they are "for real, i checked it out on snopes" but really, i go and check it out and it's false. anyway, Xmas is easier for me to right.
back to the original topic- i so love Christmas time. i want to get a tree this year. we've never had one before and i think the kids are old enough to not bother it too much. i also made stockings for us all this year. once i get them ironed and hung up i will include pictures. of course i will ask my dad to help with the hanging up part. my mom tried to explain to me how to do it, but it just sounded complicated. why not have someone who knows what they are doing do it instead of me ruining stuff. i want hooks installed under the overhang of my half wall. i don't have a drill, wouldn't know what size hook to get, and would probably just hurt the kids in the process. anyway, i'll have to rearrange my apartment a little bit. my mil says that i should take my chair out of the living room and put the tree in front of the sliding glass door. that opinion is also shared by a sil. i think instead that i will turn my dining table and put the tree in front of that window. of course i first have to get a tree. i went and looked at some the other day, but they were too expensive. my mil said she would make me some ornaments, so all i would need it some ribbon and lights. not much. anyway, needless to say, i'm wanting to really "do" chrismas this year. well, gotta go clean up the house so i can make a fabric wreath, bye bye!


EmmaP said...

sounds like fun. i can't believe you've NEVER HAD A TREE!!!!!!! whoa!

anyway - I know a family that when they do their "name drawing" it's for christmas decorations. So they write down something they would like to receive as an ornament/decoration. She collects nativities, so of course that is on her list. someone else wanted a new tree skirt one year. another time someone wanted new stockings. and the parents who already had "everything" just asked for rollw of wrapping paper. oh - and she said her one sister "personalized" christmas stationery for her too. so - all kinds of ideas. something to consider...if we want to do the next year.

oh - and as far as decorting the tree... here's another idea. My friend went to the fabric store and picked out a yard of 3 of her favorite holiday fabrics. then she took them home and cut them into 12" strips, using pinking shears. She then simply tied the strips directly on to the branches. it was really cute. a very old fashioned/americana looking christmas tree. Oh - and she also tied raffia to some of the branches too... good luck! can't wait to see pics!

Puphigirl said...

Greek letters XPI (chi[ky] rho[roe] iota) makes chri or an abbreviation of christi

In Greek, Jesus Christ is represented as, IXBUO or Ichthus. I is alpha, X is omega.

Why do people put a fish shape on their car to represent Christ? In Greek the word fish is Ichthys.

I learned this in my Humanities class. SO, saying Xmas is not taking Christ out of Christmas, just using Greek instead of Roman lettering.

Ruthykins said...

huh, i always wondered about the fish. that makes sense.

okeydokeyifine said...

though x may be acceptable, whenever I can show reverence to divinity and respect to Christ for all that He has done for me I write out His name. That is my reason for writing out Christmas.

Makes it longer I know...but what's my hurry.