Sunday, December 28, 2008

Xmas Morning

so, sasarh told me that i hadn't told about xmas morning yet. xmas eve we went to derek's brother's house for his b-day and had fun and then came home. while i was waiting for the kids to fall asleep i nodded off on the couch. derek woke me up after he had taken the kids to bed.
i set up the train track and got all the presents and put them under the tree

i filled the stockings

and then i went to bed. i woke up around 7:30 am and waited for the kids to get up. emmy woke up first and i sent her to wake up andrew and daddy. i started the train and the kids came out and opened their presents. we didn't do it in any special order or anything. it was a nice morning.
oh, and don't worry, they got lots of presents at their g-parents house also, so they got more than three presents each.


greenolive said...

I love seeing trains around the bottom of the Christmas tree. That is so cool. I bet they loved it.

EmmaP said...

i am sure they just loved christmas. And the train around the tree sounds like a cute thing - a new tradition?