Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pizza Thief Epilogue

i guess derek talked to guy and got some more details. he said the woman told the officer that she is schizophrenic and when they went to the husband, he wasn't working at the behavioral health center, he was being treated there. i guess he had some sort of breakdown or something. i just want to know, who's monitoring the wife while he's "resting". anyway, i told the story the way derek said it was and then found out these other little tidbits. mental health isn't funny, but the whole situation still kinda is.


Aaron and crystal said...

O.K. I have to agree with you on that one! It is crazy to have a world where a lot of the people in it are crazy... Have a happy new years eve.

purplehaze said...

Oh the rest of the story. That is pretty sad really! I wonder to about the wife being by herself how sad.