Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thomas the Tank Engine Live!

andrew loves trains. thomas the tank engine is coming to town this month. well, actually he's not coming to my town, but to the big city near us. derek is taking andrew to see him live on stage. he's going with andrew's cousin and aunt. his cousin also loves thomas. yesterday, another aunt called me to tell me that thomas was coming and that i should take andrew. i told her we already had the tickets and she said she found some coupons for half off the ticket price. dang it! one day late! oh, well. at least andrew is going to see thomas.


greenolive said...

Whoo whoo! My boys would love to see Sesame Street live but it costs too much to take them all. I hope he has an awesome time. He'll probably be chugging around for a few days afterward. chugga chugga choo choo!

EmmaP said...

Piece of advice - The day of Thomas, let Andrew take one of his own Thomas Trains with him. This way, when the people walk around trying to sell all of that Thomnas Paraphernalia, Derek can say, "You already have this one, remember?" Then andrew won't be upset when he isn't the *only* kid buying an overpriced toy.

I learned that one the hard way. yikes!

Puphigirl said...

THOMAS!!! THOMAS!!! AAAHHHH! sob, sob, sob THOMAS!!!