Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Apple Sauce

ever notice how apple sauce tastes awesome when you are sick. socks are suddenly cozier. chairs are more inviting. home just seems nicer when i'm sick. i don't want to go anywhere. i'm glad i have a phone. i have unlimited calling within the US. i love it since most of my family is far away, and some of derek's family is far away. i don't have to be alone when i'm alone. hbcxxzxccvbbbbnnnnmm, ..........gggggggggggaa. those are some notes from my kids. emmy wrote before the comma and andrew wrote after that. they love to mess with the computer. my defenses are down so i let them. just this once. anyway, i need to go and call someone. i'm tired.


greenolive said...

Whenever I'm sick my boys turn into Lord of the Flies. When I start feeling better I suddenly see new crayon marks on the wall, popsicle sticks under the table, and a magic pile of diapers appears next to the coach. I don't see any of this until I feel better though. While I'm sick I just enjoy any rest I can get.

Laurie said...

Sometimes it sucks to be the mom, like when you're sick.

Hope it's stays just a cold and not the pukies that we had for TWO WEEKS!

okeydokeyifine said...

thanks for bringing the germs to my house, we are droppin like flies.

I think we will live but it is in the early stages so who knows.

Catch ya on Saturday. MOM

Ruthykins said...

yeah, i gave it to derek, too.

Puphigirl said...

I'm glad I'm all the way over here in Utah. (Your germs can't reach me here).