Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day of Epiphany

today is traditionally the day that is celebrated as being the day that the wisemen found the baby Jesus. i remember that the amish kids always got out of school this day because they regarded it as a holiday. i just don't understand why this day is believed to be that. why would anybody think it was twelve days. i just don't get it. i like how most nativity scenes show the three wisemen even though technically they would not be there. nursemom always had the wisemen out of the manger as if still traveling, following the star. anyway, just don't get it. why twelve days of christmas? why would mary and joseph stay in the manger all that time. surely the taxing would have been done within a week. even if not people who had been taxed could have left, thereby leaving vacant inn rooms making it possible for mary and joseph to move into one of those. the wisemen would come to the inn instead of the stable. anyway, i'm starting to ramble, so i had better close this blog.


greenolive said...

I don't really know why it's twelve days. I know they also call it the twelve-tide. I bet it has something to do with the symbolism of numbers. It's supposed to represent the day that Christ was first presented to the Gentiles represented by the three wise men. Maybe they weren't necessarily the wise men but just a gentile in general and it happened to be twelve days later. If you ever find out, let me know.

okeydokeyifine said...

Only my opinion....The wise men saw a star which triggered them to follow. They came from the east and we do not know how long it took them. So when they saw the star in April they traveled until they found him which could be in January, or it could just be another random date chosen by those who chose things like that.

And don't forget, the wise men asked the King where the newborn king was so we know that the little family had moved. And they were inspired not to return to the king and then he got mad and had all the little babies 2 and under put to death. So it might have taken them a lot longer than 12 days. Got it? Good.

Laurie said...

I'm thinking it's just a random date selection. And who can complain about a day off from school?

Also, it is my nephew's birthday. So if you're still uncomfortable with the 12 day thing, just celebrate that.