Monday, January 19, 2009


i have a cold. i hate having colds. i feel like crap, but not bad enough to stay in bed all day. i can't just call someone to come and take care of me and my kids. i don't know that i could do that anyway. i don't know who i would get, unless my sister or mom had time. all the women i know that don't work have their own little kids to take care of. anyway, i just have a cold. yesterday was kinda warm during the day so i didn't wear a jacket and i wore sandals. today my nose is running and i'm cold. for me to be cold is really a big deal. i always run hot, so if i'm cold then either it's really cold, or i have a cold. last night my apt was hot. it's the same temperature now, but i have long pants and long sleeves on. well, maybe my mom and sister will take care of me a little bit. i'm going to their house to do laundry today. yay! ray-ray's kids are out of school so we'll play games!

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greenolive said...

Gawdu! I hate being sick too because you're right, nobody can take care of mom when she's sick. It's just not fair. Yesterday I was extremely tired but I don't get to take naps so I had to just keep going. The dinner table is still not cleared but I was wiped out man.