Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Burn Victim

wow, has it really been like a week since i posted? i guess so.

well, i guess i will talk about the excitement we had last night. i was gonna cook noodles so i turned on the burners so that they would heat up. andrew almost immediately put his hand on one and screamed right away. i took him to the bathroom and ran cool water over his hand and then got a washcloth and got it wet with cool water and had him hold it on his hand. i called nursemom at work and asked her what i should do. she asked what had happened and said that i should put burn cream on his hand. so i called derek and told him everything. he went to the store and got the cream. i put it on andrew's hand and then put a bandage on it. later i changed the bandage. this morning the burn doesn't seem to be bothering him at all. so glad it wasn't bad enough to go to the hospital for. they'd probably investigate me again. oh, in case you didn't know, we were investigated for neglect when emmy fell out the window. everything was resolved in just a couple of days. that was back in october of '07.


Duke said...

well I'm glad he's ok. I was like that as a kid. Caused my parents a lot of trouble. I think they got investigated at least once because I just couldn't stay away from anything that would wind up with me hurt. :)

Puphigirl said...

Did it blister or just leave a red mark? I remember I had been ironing clothes for church and Zach burned his hand on it. He had blisters across his palm. OUCH!!

Ruthykins said...

it blistered a little bit