Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Gift

i didn't end up wrapping the gift. i put it in a bag. i made the bag myself, so it's nothing special.
i just thought it would be cute. i went with spa products.
shhh, don't tell derek's sister what i got her. i don't think that she reads my blog, so i should be safe.


EmmaP said...

cool. a nice bag to put her honeymoon nightie in... tee hee.

greenolive said...

What are you talking about. That's dang special. You could be a bag maker. Sell them at flea markets. I think it's a way cute gift too. urcotch

Laurie said...

Very cute bag! And, I like to do two gifts too, because the bride needs something special just for her (well, and for him too if you do the slinky thing).

For weddings, I either do practical (small appliance toaster, rice cooker, mixing bowls, etc.) or fun unpractical that I know the newlyweds won't spend money on. Like a crystal bowl or vase. My favorite right now is cake stands--oohh, they are so much fun!

Emily said...

What fun! I agree you could sell those bags- in this day of green and recycling and all that schtuff they are darn cute.

Thanks for your comments on my Stepping Stones blog.

peace- emily