Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Rules of Gift Giving

i'm still waiting for my glasses.

i just don't know what to get for derek's sister. she is getting married next month, but her bridal shower is this saturday. i only have a couple of days to go shopping. i had a couple of ideas that i thought would be okay, but derek made them sound stupid. maybe i'll do them anyway. he's a man, what does he know? somebody told me that if i get her a bridal shower gift then i am not expected to get her a wedding gift. is that true? to me a bridal shower gift is just for her, but the wedding present is for her and her (soon-to-be) husband. shouldn't i give a gift at both. i don't want to leave him out of the gift giving. "she's good enough, but not you!" that 's not very nice. i don't know. i don't care what anybody else does, but as for me and my house, we will get two gifts. maybe i should let derek choose the wedding present. hey, now there's an idea! they'll get something wrapped in a paper sack with marker written on it saying "congrats" or something like that. derek thinks wrapping paper is pointless and a waste. well, i do agree that it's a waste. all that paper that just gets tossed. well, i toss it. i'm not one of those people who carefully unwraps presents and then saves the paper. hmmm, maybe i'll wrap it in fabric. that would be fun. i have some green fabric with hearts on it. her wedding colors are green and purple, so that would work out nice. now i just need to get the present.


Duke said...

I give two, I agree with you about we shouldn't leave the soon-to-be hubby out....what a welcome into the family. :)

I like gift bags...I always re-use those! but totally love the idea of the fabric!

what where your ideas for her?

greenolive said...

Well I know how much you like to do baskets so I think you should do that for the shower. I usually get pampering goods, such as; soaps, loofahs, masks, whatever is something I'd want. I never get the kinky gifts. I guess because I wouldn't want to open those in front of people so why would I do that to somebody else? Fabric is a cool idea. I usually do gift bags like duke.

greenolive said...

Oops I forgot about the other question. I think you should give two gifts too.

EmmaP said...

as far as gift giving goes, i usually do something fun for the shower and something practical for the wedding. the only time i do NOT do 2 gifts is when the family didn't plan ahead very well and the shower and wedding are only like a week apart and i am tight on cash.

for wedding gifts I always try to do things such as: Clock, Lamp, Cute Bin filled with groceries and a few recipes on a hand-stamped card.

for the shower - i *DO* like getting the embarrassing stuff if I know the person well, hee hee... but too risque! For example, for one Bride-to-be, i got her some foot maicure stuff and a bottle of "Lucky" perfume... y'know... cuz she was gonna get "lucky". you could do a whole bunch of stuff with the "lucky" theme, since St Paddy's day is right around the corner. anyway. For non-embarrassing shower gifts i have done things like silky slippers and a silky robe, or a gift card to bath & body works or to get a pedicure, etc. OH YEAH!!! One time, I got the book "And they were not ashamed" - great book!!!!!!!!! I love the book and recommend it for any LDS-Virgin-Newlyweds. Anyway - I think I gave some bubble bath with it.

Anyway... good luck. i'm sure you'll figure it out.