Friday, May 29, 2009


pretty sure the neighbor kids are hoodlums.

so i went to the playground with my kids and we were gone about an hour, maybe a little less. when we came back i saw a lot more people than normal in the grassy quod by my apartment. well, it was the neighbor lady with her four or so kids and a police officer. oh, yeah. so the lady is holding several spray paint cans and their porch was covered in drawings. i'm just glad it was theirs and not mine. so i walked by and smiled at the lady and said "a little excitement?" she almost smiled and then glared at her kids. priceless! the policeman seemed to be giving the kids a lecture about vandalism, so i just went into my apartment. at least i have a couple years before i need to worry about trouble like that.


Puphigirl said...

at least your kids only use chalk or crayons to doodle on walls and such.

Aaron and crystal said...

Just wait Chalk and crayons are the "gateway" to spray paint :)

Duke said...

Good for her for having the police come out! some people would just tell them to go to thier rooms and that would be it!

And about the cake thing....I've been practicing for a LONG time. and I'm sure your cake will be wonderful!!!!

EmmaP said...

wonder if renter's insurance covers vandalism...if it's your OWN kid??? maybe that's why she wanted a police report. wonder if she even has renter's insurance... nice neighborhood. where do you live again? ha! j/k