Friday, May 8, 2009

O Husband, Where Art Thou?

have you ever heard me scream? if you were at my apartment five minutes ago, then the answer would be yes. i was in the bathroom, sitting there, minding my own business and i see this bug near my feet. i screamed bloody murder. i thought it was a daddy long leg spider. nope. just a skeeter eater. that's what derek calls them. it came into my apartment the other day and it's been going here and there. we can't seem to catch it. i'm about to go all nasty and put up a flystrip. those things totally gross me out. anyway, where was derek while i was having my melt down? in bed. he's so tired. personally, i don't think that he should wiggle out of his responsibility as bug killer just because he's tired, so i called him a chump. actually, i had andrew deliver the message for me. andrew thought the whole situation was hilarious. he wanted to see the bug, but it had already gone back into hiding. he also doesn't hear me scream too often. not like that anyway.


Puphigirl said...

There's never a time where you are more helpless than while on the john.

EmmaP said...

it coulda been like george...running out, pants down around your ankles, yelling "Van De Lay Industries! Van De Lay Industries!"