Monday, August 23, 2010

Andy's First Day of School

andy started his day off with a good breakfast.

here he is with his backpack ready to go.

this is his classroom.

hanging his backpack in his locker.

he still had some time to kill, so he played in the playground.

the bell rang, so the kids lined up and went to class. that's his teacher, ms. donaldson, at the door.

emmy and i went back to pick him up later. we were early so emmy wanted to swing.

andy had fun at his first day of school!

he hasn't told me much about what he did, but he did say that he put puzzles together and sat on the mat.


EmmaP said...

congrats on his first day of school! he is so much bigger than some of those kids! hope he had fun.

PJ and Annie said...

they get lockers?! I'm jealous.

Deborah said...

I would really like to spend my day doing puzzles and sitting on the mat. Sigh. The good old days.

So was the big bottle of hand sanitizer your idea or the schools?

I'm glad Andy had a good first day of school. :)

Ruthykins said...

it was the school's idea. i never would have thought of it.

greenolive said...

Our kids school told us not to even bother asking the kids what they do at school until after the first month. That's about when they get used to all the routines they are learning and they actually know what to say. There might be some wisdom behind it, but it's so hard not to ask.

Duke said...

Wahooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how fun!!!

Puphigirl said...

Whoa, lockers? Not a hook or a cubby? That is so mature.

KiennaP said...

I'm thinkin' the same thing... Lockers??? In Kindergarten? In Elementary School? Whoa... Glad he had fun! I remember MY first day of school! SO fun! And everybody in my class was my friends by the end of the day! Also, That second picture of his standing by a door, that reminds me of a picture of me standing by a door on the first day of school. My mom took a picture of me like that, only I was facing the other way.