Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Scared My Sister

i'm pretty talkative usually. i like to talk on the phone for hours. i was on the phone the other day with my sister, sasarh (not her real name), and i got a knock on my door. i told her i needed to go. that was on friday. she called sunday and left a message while i was out. i got the message too late in the night to call her back. she called on monday while i was out. sunday and monday are my busiest days. anyway, i guess it worried her that i hadn't called her back. i mean, that just isn't normal. she called one of our other sisters, who lives here in my town, to ask if i was okay. i was at this sister's house last night helping to put bunk beds together and she told me what sasarh had said. i laughed and laughed. i called sasarh first thing this morning. her mind was put at ease.

oh, and by the way, i call her sasarh because that's how her name was put on her driver's license in michigan when she first got it. ha ha! i've been calling her that ever since.


okeydokeyifine said...

so how is Sasarh doing?

EmmaP said...

Well - it probably didn't help that I told Sasarh the knock at your door was the visiting teachers, and they were BOTH chewing gum as they presented their BUBBLY message about how you should CHEWS you this day whom ye should serve, and how it made you not only want to shoot them with a BAZOOKA, but you wanted to poke their eyes out with TRIDENTS, and that you tried EXTRA hard to listen to the message and avoid the Popping and clicking, but that it became an especially STICKY situation when your HUBBA BUBBA got home and handed some JUICY FRUIT to the CHICLETS! The whole thing was just too much to take in STRIDE and the STICKY situation put you over the edge, causing you to take matters into your own hands and join the BIG LEAGUE in the sky! yeah... probably didn't help ;)