Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Can I Just Say Something?

i'm a Christian. i believe in Jesus Christ. usually i don't do things like this, but i felt that i was called out today on facebook. actually, i felt attacked by other "so called, but not acting like it" Christians. anyway, that's all i wanted to say. i know, i'm weird.


Deborah said...

Amen. Living in a highly populated LDS community, I sometimes forget that people have misnomers about our religion. Of course, I got a reminder the other day when Seth's birthmom called and told me about her uncle who is lds and had to wear special underwear to remind him that when he takes his pants off, it'd better be with his wife.

Ruthykins said...

lol! love it! you better believe it'd better be with his wife!

EmmaP said...

weird -- for believing in Christ? no! Weird for "proclaiming" and "testifying" of Christ? No! that's the deal! You wanna be a Christian? That means you gotta take upon you HIS name and always remember Him... You Go Girl!

And LOL @ Deborah! <3 it!!!