Monday, August 9, 2010

Gotta Start Working on Halloween Stuff

so, i want to make candy bags for halloween that my kids can reuse every year. my husband said that they could just use pillow cases like he did as a kid. i told him that emmy wouldn't be able to carry a pillow case very easily and he seemed to agree. the real reason, though, is i just want to be crafty. ease for the kids is just an added bonus. i think i'll just appliqué some pumpkins onto the front of the bags. we'll see how they turn out.


PJ and Annie said...

ooohhh!!!!!! that sounds FUN!

Puphigirl said...

Be sure to post pictures when you're done.

EmmaP said...

my kidlets love their bags. They've had them since Kienna was 3... so for 7 years now.