Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Emi's Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Hello again!  According to my friend Jacquey (sp?) people still read my blog, so I just thought that I would do a post to let y'all know what's been going on with me.  I write this as a kitty sits on my arms purring.  I don't know why cats think they must always have attention.  This morning my daughter Emi wouldn't get socks on her feet.  I told her she had to wear them to school.  She informed me that her friend Alison didn't wear socks to school yesterday.  I don't really like Alison, but I didn't tell Emi that.  I just said that since I'm not Alison's mother it really doesn't matter to me what that girl does.  I reminded Emi that the longer she took at home the less time she would get to play before school started.  By that time it was past the time we usually leave.  Finally she got herself together and we were on our way.  After parking at the school Andrew rushed to the playground and started playing with some kids.  Emi and I walked so we took a little longer.  Just after going through the fence the bell rang and she burst into tears because she didn't get to play.  I walked her to her class and of course Alison was there and had to comment to her little friends "look, Emily's crying.  Emily's crying."  I can't stand that girl.  I told Emi to stop crying right then and she pulled herself together.  She gave me a hug and kiss and went to the door where she turned back to wave to me as I smiled and waved to her.  She went in the classroom and I think her teacher saw me chuckle.  I can't wait until parent teacher conferences.

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greenolive said...

I always wonder how honest the teachers are at those. Are my kids really that good? For all I know they are the bullies, the stinky kids, the cry babies, the snobs, the teachers pets, or maybe even the nose pickers. It would be refreshing for them to say, "Look, your kid taps his pencil and it's driving me crazy."