Thursday, September 20, 2012

How To Ruin Pasta

I made fettuccine tonight for dinner.  I cooked some sausages to go with it instead of ground beef.  As I was draining the noodles in the sink i dropped the pot and it landed upside down and sent all my noodles into the disposal.  "Noooo!" I cried and the kids came to see what was wrong.  Everybody laughed at me.  I ended up making spaghetti noodles instead.  Of course since I had to cook more noodles and I packed them up for Derek to take to work since he didn't get to eat at home.  I felt so dumb.

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jessiewessie said...

That is funny. But, it's always a worry of mine when I'm draining noodles. Like a real worry. Seriously.