Thursday, September 27, 2012

Random Thoughts of Autumntime

I got a set of glass Pyrex baking dishes.  You know, the kind with the plastic lid.  I just wanted the 9x13, but I found one with a smaller 7x11 dish, also with lid.  I've been baking brownies in this dish and they always work out just right.  My track record with brownies was never good, so I just wonder why now I can bake them correctly.  I think maybe it's the glass vs. metal, or maybe the shape of the pan.  I don't know for sure. 

The weather here has gotten crisper.  I've been covering the kids with a second blanket after they go to sleep.  I think I may need to get a second blanket as well.  This is my favorite season.  I can finally wear my hair down more.  In the summer it's just too darn hot.  I also like to dress in layers.  Emi has started wearing thick tights to school again.  Derek found some Hello Kitty tights when we were at Walmart the other day.  We'd looked at Target, but they didn't have any of the thick ones.  I couldn't believe Walmart had them already.  I figured it was pointless to look, but Derek checked and was rewarded.  Walmart doesn't usually have them till mid-December.  Emi is delighted.

Now here's a picture for you to enjoy for no reason.

This is my Dad with my kids riding on an indoor carousel in Reno.  We'd been to the zoo earlier that day.  My Mom and I are riding on a stationary old-timey carriage behind them.  I couldn't believe my Dad actually rode on a horse.  I mean, real horses would be normal, but not carousel horses.


okeydokeyifine said...

he is cool like that

greenolive said...

I love pyrex and I wish I had more of them for big holiday meals and such. I would have to taste your brownies though to know if they're really any good. SO make me some and teleport them to my mouth.
Fall is my favorite season too. We must be sisters.
I love the picture. Seeing faces is over-rated. I think it's okay for dad to ride a carousel horse as long as he didn't try to get it to go faster.

greenolive said...

oh and I like your new background