Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Baskets √

ever since i got married we have been buying easter baskets each easter. it's time to stop. this year i decided that i would make our baskets and then just reuse them every year.
last year we bought the kids some really expensive baskets. they were probably about fifteen dollars each. so, thirty dollars total. sure, the baskets came with stuff in them, but really, it wasn't much. so, i went to the dollar store and i got four baskets. then i went to my favorite fabric store, mill end fabrics in carson city, and i got about a quarter yard of four different fabrics, and about a yard of ribbon for each basket. oh, i also got some cheap paint and the kids helped me paint the baskets. i think the paints were about 60¢ each, or so. all together it cost about ten dollars. that's for four baskets, not just two. i think i made the right choice.
anyway, here's the before and after.
i think emmy has a future on the price is right as a model.


greenolive said...

Those are cool. Maybe I'll do that next year. Why is Mill End Fabric's your favorite?

Aaron and crystal said...

Ruthie those turned out so CUTE!!!

Daniel Phillips said...

You probably don't realize it, but that's very thoughtful of you to go through all that effort for your children - they will appreciate it when they're older I promise.

Btw. If you don't mind could you please take a look at my blog and if you don't mind become a follower, you have no idea how appreciative I will be and I will return the favor. Cheers, Dan.

Puphigirl said...

I know why Mill End is her favorite, her in-laws work there/manage the store.

Hey, the baskets are cute. I had used old formula cans to make Easter Pails years ago. They don't hold much. Maybe I should up grade to baskets.

I've also thought of commissioning Aunt Kae to make my family baskets like she made for us when we were kids.

Ruthykins said...

oh, did kae make those? i never knew where they came from.

EmmaP said...

those are cute. and once again - are you SURE aunt kae made those???

I still have it in my head that some big lady from the ward with big bouffant hair made them.

PJ and Annie said...

These turned out way awesome! I really like them! Way to go you!

and, this would be something you could give away on your sisters blog...

Handi Andi said...

Darling baskets, really darling little girl. aren't you lucky. :-)

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Emily said...

WOW! you did GREAT!!! They turned out SO CUTE!!!!

okeydokeyifine said...

It was the big bouffant lady. that made them from mild jugs and had easter bunnies on them. We did not have all the children yet so I had to improvise for the younger 2. Then we made our own popliter bottle baskets with customized material. Do you remember those? Who still has their big basket or their little basket?

Ruthykins said...

i don't have either one, but i remember them. the one i made out of the SODA bottle had troll fabric on it.

greenolive said...

Ha ha trolls