Tuesday, March 2, 2010

K Sarah Sarah, Whatever Will Be Will Be...

i used to think que sera sera was about my sister.

when i was little we had a house right across the street from a playground. me and my siblings went there a lot. i remember my sister, sarah, doing tricks on the swings. she would swing really high and then as she was at the top of the front arc she would flip backwards off the swing and land on her feet. i remember trying to copy her, but i always landed on my bottom. i just wasn't as good as her. she was also better on the trampoline we had in the backyard. she could flip over and land on her feet, whereas, once again, i was on my bottom.

sarah and i shared a room until she was a senior in high school. that was the trend in our house. when you were a senior you got your own room. of course when naomi was a senior that meant that the other four of us girls shared a room. we had two sets of bunkbeds, but that's another story. sarah and i shared a bed when we were really little and then we got bunkbeds. i remember wanting the top because i figured that if a killer ever came in the room he would think that it was a canopy bed and just kill sarah. years later i told sarah about this. she laughed and said that she never wanted the top because if a killer ever came in then i would be at eye level and would be killed while she stayed safe. neither one of us knows why we were so worried about killers coming into our room.

even though we were both willing to let the other one get murdered, we've remained close. when she went off to college i would talk to her on the phone. when she went on a church mission in austria for over a year we wrote to eachother. my favorite letters from her had silly little poems in them. it was funny to see her lose her english. when she got back from austria we were roommates in college and after she got married i lived with her for a while. i sure wish she would move out here to nevada.


Puphigirl said...

Aw you make it sound all nice and sweet. Of course you didn't include your knock down drag out sibling rivalry squabbles. I just kidding!

EmmaP said...

well - I do not remember 2 sets of bunks in the middlebury house though... I distinctly remember the layout. and it was squished... hehehe! i like that TV show, Just the 10 of us. All of the older sisters shared that room in the attic and their beds were sort of squished together like ours.

and is this your way of buttering her up to move???

greenolive said...

I told Tony about the killers just now and he asked, "Why were you worried about murderers, you lived in Middlebury?" ha ha
I remember writing poems, I thought you would enjoy them. As for Nevada, we're hoping that eventually Mom and Dad will move back out here so we're holding out for that.

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Deborah said...

That post cracked me up. Especially the part about the killers coming into the room. Sisters...you gotta love them because no one else in the world will love them like you do.