Saturday, March 6, 2010


well, well, well. my sister rachel has finally given in and started a blog.

rachel is 5½ years older than me. we used to share a room. we spent a lot of time in there together. she used to draw for hours. she's good at it, too. she even has a wood burner. she can sketch something and then put it on the wood. sometimes i am amazed at the things she can do. once, at a family reunion she was in charge of the games with a charlie and the chocolate factory theme. she made oversized nuts for the kids to hunt for. they looked so real i couldn't believe it. i remember thinking that there's no way that i could ever do something like that. she makes piñatas for birthdays, make her kids their halloween costumes, makes aprons and shoulder bags, crochets hats and scarves like lightning, and so much more. i can crochet, but i take a really long time. if i were to make a hat i could maybe do it on a few days if i were really diligent. if rachel were to do the same hat she could do it in about an hour. i'm serious!

i remember when we were little and some punk neighborhood kid was picking on ej. rachel pretty much beat him up. i remember being on the school bus and this girl, jenna, was making fun of ej. rachel was sitting behind jenna and wound her fist in jenna's hair and said "say that again." jenna shut up so fast. needless to say, rachel is tough.

rachel likes to sing and dance. i saw her when she played zanita, the mayor's oldest girl, in the music man at the civic theater. she was so funny. i was really proud that she was my sister. when she was in the junior miss pageant i used to watch her practice her dance routine. when i was really little she used to pretend to ice skate in the living room. it was really funny.

not only is she creative, but she's a formidable opponent in word games. when we play games i like to play boggle or scrabble, or scattergories or taboo. i know that she's gonna be good at them, so the scores are usually close, which i like. i like to win, but not everytime.

so, anyway, back to her blog. she does it in rhyme! she sums up her day in poems! totally love it!


greenolive said...

Yes she is tough and scrappy. She has a lot of talents; art, music, sports. She is so well rounded and not in the waist like me. Glad she's on here now.

Puphigirl said...

I can remember her spinning around in the living room. Round and round she would go.

okeydokeyifine said...

She also has stick-to-it-tiveness, if that is a word. She would practice and practice till she could do what ever she endeavored. I like that.

EmmaP said...

um... hullo??? is someone gonna share the bloggity-blog-address??????????????


why am I always the last to know anything in this family?

greenolive said...

I got the link from her facebook status.