Thursday, March 4, 2010

Yo Me

when i was little i couldn't say naomi.

my oldest sister was only 7 ½ years older than me. we had almost nothing to do with eachother. i know that she drove me to a few places or picked me up, but that's about it. she went off to college and i don't think that i missed her. she came back and stayed up late talking to emma. i remember sitting in the kitchen just listening to them talk. i didn't have anything to say, but i remember being so interested in what they were saying.

eventually, i went off to college. by this time naomi was married and had a couple kids. i think it was her who called me first on the phone. we would talk on the phone for hours. i couldn't believe that we had so much to talk about. i also couldn't believe that it took us that long to have a good relationship. my second year of school i had a car, so i would make the 4 hour drive to visit her. we would play games, watch movies or tv, talk, laugh, and almost pee our pants. her kids are cool, too. sometimes when we'd be playing something her oldest would come and sit at the table. he didn't say anything, he would just sit there. i realized that he was doing the same thing i used to do. i was surprised that i was now interesting.

i still call her on the phone, but we don't get together very often. i wish that we lived closer to eachother. right now we are about 8 hours apart. i do plan on visiting her at the end of next month.


Puphigirl said...

So you think you can just stroll into town whenever you want, eh?

My favorite game time is when we played Battleship and Guess Who speaking only German. That was a hoot.

Ruthykins said...


greenolive said...

I love playing battleship with Ruth. That is the only game she's not amazing at. I remember the first time I visited Naomi from college. The guy who drove me down there and was going to pick me up called me and we were deciding where to meet up for him to take me back up to Ricks. He told me to meet him at the sagebrush. I figured it was some well-known Utah place. When I told Naomi and Kyle they just laughed at me and said there is sagebrush everywhere. The guy called me back laughing and we agreed on a place then. Ah, good memories. Actually, I don't think I was supposed to stay with them that weekend. So I just sort of showed up at their door at like 11:30 at night or something. My other plans had fallen apart. What a great sister to take me in like that.

okeydokeyifine said...

That what families do... and who could say no to you anyway.

EmmaP said...

how could she have a chance to get to know you when you were little??? I was always "hogging" you! lol!

EmmaP said...

oh - and game night at my house when you come.