Friday, March 5, 2010

I, Emma: Child of God

my sister emma used to think that the song "i am a child of God" was about her.

emma is 6½ years older than me. i remember that she was always there to help. i remember once when i got shots in my legs and i was really sore. emma carried me around that day so that i wouldn't hurt. i'm sure i was heavy, but my legs hurt so bad.

i was really glad that she did that. i remember when emma shared a room with me and sarah. emma would bring the hallway phone into the bedroom and sit against the door and talk to people for a really long time. she never seemed to mind that i would be up on my bunkbed listening in. i got to hear lots of funny stories that way. emma was a good influence on me. especially since she was so covert with her deviant behavior that i never knew about it. just a few years ago she told me how she used to skip school sometimes, or sneak out at night. these were things that i never knew. hmm, maybe i shouldn't be telling on her...oh, well.

emma played the piano. i mean, she played. and played. and played. for hours. almost everyday. we would be watching tv in the living room and she'd be in the next room playing the piano. somehow it didn't bother me much. she even taught me to read music. she showed me where the notes on the piano were and taught me some simple songs. she also taught me to direct music. she must have done a good job because i was singled out to demonstrate in music class at school. the teacher said that i was very good. of course, good for an elementary student.

when i was in sixth grade emma was helping in choir. she would have been a senior in high school, i think. anyway, all the choir kids liked her. it upped my popularity level to acceptable acquaintance when people found out she was my sister. i wasn't in choir, and i don't know why. i enjoy singing. anyway, i remember this one guy, tim, never said two words to me, but then he saw me with emma. suddenly he would talk to me. he would tell me how cool emma was.

when i go to emma's house now we have fun and talk. i used to live in utah near her. she would pick me and andrew up and take us to her house and we would spend hours there. derek would get off of work and come to pick us up, but we would still stay for an hour or so. derek didn't say much since he was usually tired, but he didn't rush me out of the door. i think that he likes listening to emma. most people do.


Puphigirl said...

I like the stories she tells because she is so animated about it.

greenolive said...

I remember listening in on her phone calls too. She talked a lot, she was very honest, and very funny so I didn't mind listening either. Plus it was fun to imagine the person on the other end of the phone busting a gasket.

okeydokeyifine said...

yeah, she is funny in many ways, and I say that with all love and respect.

EmmaP said...

ME??? SKIP SCHOOL??? **blinks eyes wide** well - I should clarify, that my senior year, I drove myself to my own dentist appointments, eye dr. appts, chiropractor, etc., since mom was in school and worked. So, while I was out Anyway - I **might** have shopped a little too :)

**BUT** In my defense, I stayed on the honor roll and I only intentionally skipped school (without an excuse appt) twice. the first time, I went home for lunch. I knew that Dad went home everyday for lunch too. I didn't think much of it, except when I came home, his bike was parked out front, but in fact he was no where to be found. Then - I realized that their bedroom door was shut! I was like -- oh. gave whole new meaning to "noon-time snack!" I never went home during lunch again! Bleh!

hehehe... and i know. I talked. A.LOT. And FAST. I have lost my "speed" however, ever since moving out here to the West. Guess it's just "slower" out here :)

Thanks Ruthie! Love to you too!!! Can't wait till you come out to visit!

Derek said...

I never rushed you out because I was usually too tired to argue, and usually falling asleep on the couch.