Thursday, October 9, 2008


derek went and got a new gun today. all i have to say is that he best be bringin' home all kinds of critters. ducks, goose, maybe even rabbits. seriously, i get that he "needed" a new one since his was pretty old and not working right, but come on, it could have made it one more season. actually i don't know that it could have. i know nothing about guns and hunting except that deerock likes them. i could call him big D, but that may cause confusion. anyway, back to the original story: derek went with his brother to cabelas and sportsman's warehouse and somewhere in there he got all the stuff he needs to go hunting this season which starts on saturday. one nice thing about him going hunting is that he rides with other people and so i get to drive myself wherever i want to go. this saturday i have a babyshower to go to and then on monday i have a doctor appt. it's my last one and i think that i may just refuse some of their services. seriously, i don't want a p-smear and it's not like they are going to hold me down or anything. well, maybe i'll do it just for health and wellness (puts head down and kicks the floor).


greenolive said...

Hey drive here when Deerocks gone. As for the P-smear, say, "Do I have to?". Then if you really don't they'll say, "well no, you don't have to but we do suggest it." Then you say, "I'm outta here" But if they say, "Oh Ruthie, of course you do." That's when you kick the floor and mutter, "Health and wellness".

okeydokeyifine said...

Now I know where the kids get the stomping on the floor thing.