Monday, October 20, 2008


so i've been dropping some hints to derek for what i want for our anniversary. this saturday is our fifth anniversary. it's just zipped by. it doesn't even feel like it's been five years already. i guess in some ways it does, since i have a three and a half year old, but it still seems like we should have hit a rough patch or two along the way. maybe at seven years we'll get the itch, like sarah was talking about a while back. not that she has an itch, but she was glad that they weren't feeling that way. anyway, i've been dropping some pretty obvious hints at potential gifts. apparently i'm always obvious. one of my problems is that i'm not sly at all. this is a problem when people want my help. case in point: sarah's engagement ring. so tony wanted to propose, but he didn't want to go ring shopping with sarah so my job was to find out just what she wanted and her ring size. like i'm gonna be able to do that without her knowing what i'm doing. needless to say, she figured it out and patiently waited to get engaged.


EmmaP said...

ok - so what is it you want???

Ruthykins said...

oh, anything really. i've suggested jewelry, new dishes, nightgowns, shoes, movies, all kinds of stuff.