Wednesday, October 15, 2008

tagged again

so i got tagged again, only by maura this time. this time it's only five things per category.


5 Things...

5 Shows I Watch
1. csi
2. csi new york
3. csi miami
4. criminal minds
5. psych

5 Favorite Restaurants
1. applebee's
2. casino coffee shops
3. ihop
4. 5 buck pizza
5. burger king

5 Things that Happened Yesterday
1. emmy's halloween costume was finished
2. made apple crisp
3. went to a baby shower
4. ate nana's homemade stew
5. fell asleep in emmy's bed

5 Things I look forward to
1. trunk or treat
2. 5th wedding anniversary
3. thanksgiving/christmas
4. real christmas
5. derek's birthday

5 things I love about the fall
1. colder weather
2. smaller electric bill
3. the holidays
4. soon it will be time for my kids to start going to school
5. the colors

5 things on my wish list
1. a mini van
2. a nice sized house
3. a personal hair stylist
4. kids clothes that grew with them
5. to go sledding

5 important things to me
1. Heavenly Father and Jesus (i know that technically they are two people, but i grouped them together, so there)
2. my family
3. going to church every sunday
4. fulfilling my duties
5. staying connected with people

5 people I tag
if this looks like something that you would like to do then consider yourself tagged


greenolive said...

Amen to the personal hair stylist. umhm.

Puphigirl said...

I would love to have clothing that grow with my children.