Monday, October 20, 2008


just a little story to brag about emmy. yesterday during sacrament meeting she was standing in front of the pew and playing, but when we started singing she would stop what she was doing and start waving her arms like she was directing the music. she wasn't on the right beat, but she was on beat. like she didn't go down on the down beat, but she was keeping the right time. i knew that the ladies behind her were chuckling and thinking that she was so cute, but i didn't know who it was because i didn't want to turn around and stare during sacrament meeting. so, anyway, when we got to relief society it was a combined meeting since it was ward conference and the stake relief society president stands up to talk and she started by saying how cute the little coltrin girl was. then she said "what is she, three?", so i said "two!". i thought it was funny because i don't think of her as looking like a three year old, but i guess that sometimes she acts like it. i think she is just way ahead of the game. she's so smart. sometimes derek says that he thinks she's smarter than him. yesterday i jokingly said that he should wait until she's in kindergarten and then she would be smarter than all of us. not that my kids are awesome and your kids are slow, but i just get amazed when they learn a new skill. i have to admit, though, that i do tend to wave the kids arms during songs, though not anymore. emmy wants to do it on her own. she did it all on her own yesterday. she and andrew sing the songs that they learn in nursery. they really like "i am like a star" and "i am a child of God" and "popcorn popping". we like to sing songs and they do the actions they learn in nursery. sometimes i don't understand what they are doing, but as long as they know, it's all good. anyway, just wanted to brag about the kids.


EmmaP said...

um...of course your kids are waaaaaay smart - they do have miller-griffith genes after all! btw, i've seen your chorister conduct. and if Emmy was on the beat at all, she is already better than that lady. hmmm, maybe the bishop should give her the calling! hahaha!

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