Wednesday, October 22, 2008

quoting movies

i like to quote movies a lot. today i read my sister in law's blog and it said that she was a smarty pants. so i commented to her and i asked how pants could be smart. well, i reminded me of a movie line where a young "girl" asks how an airport can be wrong when her dad says maybe they're at the wrong airport. that part always cracks me up. points to anyone who can guess the movie. here's the quote:
daddy- maybe we're at the wrong airport.
marie- but how can an airport be wrong...?
i bet nobody gets it. it's too obscure, with too narrow of a target audience. maybe i'll give it away later.
anyway, derek and i do this movie-quoting all the time. it's great when the quote totally fits the situation. on the season premiere of snl there was a skit where a waiter kept talking about how it smelled like pepper in the restaurant. well, a couple days later we were at derek's parents house and one of my sil's said "why do i smell pepper?" i just about died and nobody knew why i was laughing so hard until derek finally figured it out, and chuckled. then we explained the skit. i know that snl is not technically a movie, but it's still nice to quote. one thing that my bil has said to me a few times is "keep it secret. keep it safe." all you tolkien fans ought to know that one. anyway, what are some of your favorite quotes? let me know.


EmmaP said...

i love the episode from "Everybody Loves Raymond" in which Debra gets after him because HE gives HER a hard time about all of the charity work she does. She retorts something like he couldn't handle it if he tried. to prove her wrong he volunteers at the hospital. he is standing at the nurse's station waiting for his assignment. A worker walks past and set units of blood on the coutner. He starts to turn green. The lady behind the desk asks if the sight of blood bothers him. As he is passing out, he says, "I don't mind blood...just not 'to go!' " Anyway - it was TOTALLY AWESOME when the situation merited me saying that and BIG-D totally knew the reference. Nothing is more sad than when a good line is wasted... hmmm

Emily said...

It smells like pepper up in here??? That was so funny!!!

Puphigirl said...

I love to say, "You shot who in the what now?" That line comes The Simspons when they are trying to figure out who shot Mr. Burns. This line comes from Jasper when it is realized that Smither's shot Jasper in his wooden leg.

Puphigirl said...

Not just whole lines but also great two word slang terms given to us by Seinfeld. Man hands, close talker, high talker, low talker, good naked, bad naked, big salad, reverse peep-hole, man purse, urban sombrero, beyond B.O.,
and the move.

michelle said...

Here is 2 for you
I should buy a boat!!!
Keep the change you filthy animal.
the second is preety easy and I just said it to Tony while we were brain storming pizza commercial ideas. Monte and I were bigg movie quoters. That kid could watch a movie once and know any line from it. It usually took me bout three watches to get most any. They should have a game show called Name that movie and you could pick diffrent years and movie types. Yeah that would be fun I would need you as my partner!!

Ruthykins said...

upon further review of the movie, which was follow that bird, i realized that i attributed the quote to daddy dodo when it was donny dodo who said that they were at the wrong airport.