Monday, April 6, 2009


andrew's first word was hi. one day he went into the bedroom and climbed up on the bed to derek and derek said "hi andrew" and then andrew said "hi". we were so happy. his next word was duck. he loved ducks. of course he thought that every bird was a duck. we put duckies on his first birthday cake. on his second birthday somebody gave him a thomas the tank engine and track. it was just something simple, but andrew loved it. he would play with it for hours. that's how his train obsession started. he has a lot of trains. i don't even know how many he has. probably about thirty or so. he has lots of track, too. he builds track all over the apartment. we just step over it, we're so used to it. he builds track that extends from one room to another. he builds bridges and tunnels. he loves to watch thomas videos. he does like other stuff, too. he likes the backyardigans, care bears, pingu, and some others, but his favorite is thomas.

andrew loves to wear yellow, orange, and red. he likes anything with thomas on it. he loves to wear sweater vests on sunday. lucky for him, he absolutely rocks the sweater vest.

andrew's favorite food is probably meatballs. he's not very picky when it comes to food, but if there are meatballs that's all he wants to eat. and eat and eat. that kid has some appetite. all day long. he's constantly snacking. usually he'll eat cheese, apples, lunchmeat, stuff like that. i guess he must be growing. he wears a size 6 in clothes. he's so big around. anything less than a six is too tight around his waist. his feet are size 11. he's only four and i'm starting to leave the toddler section for the little boys' section.

andrew loves to have fun. everything is a joke to him. he doesn't take anything seriously. well, he is getting better i guess. he's starting to do really good in church. my sister is his sunday school teacher, so she always tells me how he did. he usually sits still in class and participates. andrew has also learned to not run away from us so much. especially when we are anywhere near cars.

andrew's a rough and tumble kinda kid. he's fallen so many times, and hard, we are amazed that he hasn't broken any bones yet. he has gotten stitches. this past xmas we were leaving nana and grampa's and andrew was saying goodbye to everyone and he tripped and hit the coffee table. six stitches. that's the only time. we've taken him to the hospital for other things, but they've never had to do anything. andrew's daddy tends to overreact i think. anyway, i think andrew has a really hard head. with as many times as he's hit his head he should be a blithering idiot, but it doesn't seem to affect him at all. so glad he's got a thick skull.

andrew is a good brother. he looks out for emmy a lot. he doesn't like it when other kids pick on her. he's got a cousin who sometimes bugs emmy and andrew goes after him for it. we have to be careful when they're all together. a lot of times andrew starts things with this cousin and fighting ensues. anyway, sometimes they get along well. the other night they did okay until they started to get tired. andrew can be really moody when he's tired. he gets it from his daddy. he also gets his good looks from his daddy. i think andrew is extremely good looking for a boy. not a pretty boy, but more ruggedly handsome. if i were a little girl and not related, i'd have a crush on him. just sayin'. the other day we saw one of derek's employee's and she took one look at andrew and said that there was no mistaking who his daddy is. they do look a lot alike with just a tinge of me thrown in.

well, that's my wonderful little boy in a nutshell. i'd interview him, but he's asleep right now. maybe later.


EmmaP said...

cute about the tracks. glad to hear he likes healthy snacks. keep him that way. he;s so big and "rugged" maybe he;ll be a great football player. yea for the sweater vests. and yea for the improved behavior- not running away, etc. i think once they get into a school environment, it also tends to help out a great deal... i can think of other nephews (not mentioning any names... just saying) that school has helped with behavior, learning to sit still (mine included on this one), learning not to lie, and getting along well with others.

oh - and I vote YES on the interview!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

michelle said...

Hannahs first word was duck. Must be the color!