Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Some Bad and Some Good

when the weather changes people get sick. this just seems to be a fact. i think it's because people go without jackets or appropriate dress because they are so excited about warm weather. i don't think this applies to me though. i never wear a jacket. usually i don't get sick when the weather changes, but this time i did. i don't know why, but i musta just gotten what everyone else got.

anyway, on a lighter note. emmy has been more interested in going potty. she sees andrew getting all these stars and she wants them too. she's still wanting her prize. it's a tinkerbell teapot house. i don't remember tinkerbell ever living in a teapot, but i guess it's possible. emmy really likes tinkerbell. she loves watching the movie. i don't mind because i think it's really cute. she got some tinkerbell wings for easter. they're a little big on her 'cause she's so tiny. so, she's been going potty sporadically. andrew is much better, but then i have to remind myself that he's older and would be better at it. andrew is going for a remote controlled thomas the tank engine. he's been asking for it for months. now it's in the bathroom waiting for him to win it. it will be his third prize. the teapot is emmy's first prize. i think this may be the last prize for andrew. he's getting the hang of going potty pretty good. his pullups are even dry a lot of times when he goes. when he's always dry then he gets the thomas underpants. i don't know what we'll get for emmy. i hope they make panties her size. they must. right? maybe.


greenolive said...

The smallest underpants I've found were 2T. Do you think Emmy would fit in those?

Ruthykins said...

hmm, maybe

Duke said...

YAY! great job on both of them. I think Potty training has to be the most time consuming and annoying thing I've encountered so far of being a parent!

I was soo excited when I realized Juliet was fully trained. It was great!

Prizes definitly work well!

Puphigirl said...

I think Chloe had 2T or 3T panties. She's had Dora the Explorer, Care Bears, Tinkerbell and the Disney Princesses. There are lots of cute undies.