Thursday, April 16, 2009


we went to the playground today. we just got back. andrew found a rock to make his pet. he says it's a girl rock. it already took a nap, but now it's awake, so he's playing with it. i told him not to throw it, or he would be in big trouble. i can just see him throwing it at the china cabinet and smashing all the stuff. emmy doesn't seem to care that he's got a rock. she's coloring pictures that are hanging on the wall.

so, i was at the park and derek called. i told him where we were and he almost didn't believe me. apparently, he thinks i hate the sun. it's true that i don't like to stay in the sun for too long. i tend to burn. my skin is very fair. i've gotten sunburns on cloudy days in autumn. so far the kids have never gotten bad burns. they've gotten just a little pink, but not what you could call bad. i've heard that one really bad burn as a child can lead to skin cancer later in life. if that's true then i'm in trouble. i've gotten many bad burns. when we go swimming at my mom's we always make sure to put sunscreen on.

so, back to my earlier thought, i really don't like the outdoors. i would much rather be inside. when i was a kid i liked being outside. i went to the park almost everyday unless it was wintertime. then i would play in the yard. i guess as i got older i just got more irritated with the outside. i don't like the sunlight, the bugs, the morning dew. i always laugh when my sister tells me that on dating sights everyone seems to love the outdoors. taking long walks on the beach. i don't live near a beach, but if i did, i don't think i would go for long walks there. i like water, to an extent, but at a beach it always seems so cold. like lake michigan, for example. i went there several times as a kid, but it was always cold. the sun would beat down on it all day long, but it would never get warm. that's why i like pools. especially indoor pools. you can heat them. anyway, that's why derek was shocked. he thinks i think i'll melt if i'm outside too long.


EmmaP said...

no - you wouldn't melt... just burn to a crisp like bacon. hmmm... now i want bacon.

greenolive said...

Well that's nice that you're not making your children fear the sun and all. Spring is a nice time to be out though when it isn't too hot.

Puphigirl said...

I once got a really bad sunburn while we were at Lake Michigan.

I get itchy when I'm out in the sun. Sometimes I think I'm allergic. I try to always wear sunblock, to ward off the itchiness, and not to burn or freckle.