Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Little Excitement

so, a little girl in reno got swine flu. now everybody around here is freaking out. andrew didn't feel good last night so i took him to the hospital. i'd rather have it be nothing at the hospital than swine flu at home. anyway, he just had a stomach virus. the doctor gave him an anti-nausea suppository, which andrew didn't seem to mind. andrew just needs fluids and i shouldn't focus on foods right now. actually, this morning andrew seems fine. you wouldn't even know that he was sick last night. we got to the hospital at about 1ish and left around 3:30ish. i forgot my glasses, so i couldn't see the clocks to well. the kids were nice enough to let me sleep until 10 this morning. they didn't get into any trouble. they're pretty good kids.


EmmaP said...

yeah - if you shoved something up my butt at 3:30 in the freakin morning, i'd probably let you sleep in too! ;)

Puphigirl said...

Don't you have a pill that I can swallow? Wait, you want me to put that where?!

Maura said..., thats nice! I'm glad he's feeling better!