Thursday, April 2, 2009


i know that it's been a while since i wrote last. i've been reading a lot lately. within the past week i read the whole twilight series. that's four books that are pretty long. no, i'm not a fast reader, i just stayed up really late a couple of nights. last night i was reading the last one while i was in the tub. i was probably in there for about four hours. i just didn't want to put the book down long enough to get out. i finally did get out after everyone was asleep. my husband fell asleep while i was in there, but he didn't wake up when i got out. this morning he told me that he dreamed i'd fallen asleep in the tub and drowned. as soon as he woke up he bolted to the bathroom to check on me. i was sleeping on the couch, so i didn't know any of that was going on. no, we're not having marriage problems. by the time i got out of the bathroom both kids were sprawled out on my side of the bed. pretty sure andrew fell asleep there, but i know that emmy was in her own bed when i headed into the bathroom, so at some point she woke up and joined the guys. this happens a lot. that's why i'm glad my couch is kinda big and comfy.


EmmaP said...

well - i am just glad he didn't call you outta the tub. maybe you needed a 4-hour break... obviously everyone survived!

Aaron and crystal said...

Stephenie Meyer ROCKS!!!! I think that she just might be the best Vampire author there EVER was :)

Its really nice to be able to "let" The dad help with the kids sometimes isn't it?!

PJ and Annie said... crack me up...

Duke said...

I love those books! now we can talk about it at church. :) or maybe after church!

got the invite by the way. couldn't get off work to get her over there. sorry,

hope the party was fun!