Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Interview Time

interview with andrew.

what is your favorite toy?
a big car
(it's a new little tykes coup)

who is your best friend?
i don't know who my best friend is

what is your favorite game?
(i think he means mario party 8)

what song do you like the most?
the doodlebops
(okay, we just saw a comercial for them. he doesn't actually watch the doodlebops because i hate them)

how old are you?

what do you like to eat?
i think, uh, cereal. cereal
(well, it is breakfast time)

what is your favorite animal?
a train

what is your favorite movie?
little tykes land
(it's new)

what do you love about daddy?
gives me a hug

what do you love about emmy?
my emmy is a girl

what do you love about mommy?
for computers
(i guess 'cause i play the wii)

what is your favorite day?

what is your favorite color?
(he's wearing it today)

well, he's busy watching pollyanna so i don't think i'll get much more out of him.


EmmaP said...

that's a start... and i'm glad to know his emmy is a girl... so - are you going to interview her soon??? love to hear it!

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