Monday, April 13, 2009

The Blogosphere

why is it that some people will blog when others won't. i come from a family of nine and my husband is from a family of ten. my mom and three of my sisters blog. one brother's wife has one, but she doesn't do it anymore. basically half of my family blogs. now my husband's family is mostly brothers and their wives. it's the wives who blog. in that family four of his brothers have wives who blog. so, half of his family. why is it just the girls? is the blogosphere really unequally proportioned like that, or is it just us? a lot of the family blogs are said to be couple blogs, but i never see the husbands contributing. i wonder what it is about blogging that appeals to women so much. i just like having somewhere to go and say whatever i want to say. is that it? is that how all the women feel? well, i guess not all the women. i have a sister who doesn't blog. i don't know why. sometimes she'll log in as my mom just to look at a certain blog if it was really funny. i don't know why she just won't do one for herself. i think one time she said she didn't have anything to right about. i can think of plenty. anyway, she just doesn't want to. my dad doesn't have a blog, but he does have a log in id. he gets on here sometimes and reads our stuff and makes comments. he just blogs on myspace. well, i guess so does my one sister. i used to blog on there, but now i just come here to do it. i like that i don't have to do anything but write. anyway, green olive just wanted to know why our one sister doesn't blog. sorry, i just don't know.


greenolive said...

so I should go on myspace to see what Dad and the one sister have to say, huh? alright, I guess I can do that.

EmmaP said...

not everyone has a need to write, or vent or even share. someone might be better at verbally sharing but doesnt want to take the time to write it all out. others, dont even verbally share. i do notice that mostly bloggers out there are women. I just think it's nature, as women are usually more chatty than men. Women tend to share more openly and honestly than most. Men mostly keep things "bottled" in. Though, i do have a neighbor, and they have a family blog. At first I thought it was the wife who did all of the blogging, because the background colors, and family photos and such. As it turns out, it's the hubby. Plus as a state trooper with his own drug dog that he trained, he gets to make tons of drug busts and engage in high speed chases. Where else can one share exciting adventures like that, excpet for on the blog. another friend of mine, who use to live in the neighborhood blogs daily like me, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. her hubby had to get his *own* blog after she told him that her blog was for her thoughts. so now they both blog and they make references to each other's blogs and even include links.

For me - I blog because I have all sorts of thoughts jumbled in my head and it's a way to get them out. Maybe other people don't have chaos brewing in their heads. I also miss the camraderie like when I worked for Delta. I was able to engage in conversation and share funny stories with 10, 20, 30 or more people a day, just meaning those that were on my team or in my department. But now I work in an office of 5 and most of the time I am the only one in the office. so yes, i get lonely. Blogging helps me have "someone" to "talk" to. Others might not have the need to "talk".

If anyone is interested, here are some Men bloggers...

Sesquipedalian PedantrySumming The MomentsNeff III FamilyHellman's MayonesaLife HappensAnyway - just in case other men were wondering, "real men" blog too!

hmmm... i think i shall copy you and dedicate an entire post to this topic...thanks!

Maura said...

I like to blog cause I like to share. Its almost like journaling. I feel I'm making a record of things that happened and all that.

My hubby won't get on and blog. he doesn't have time but even if he did he woudn't.

No most of our family its the girls that blog too. Just one of those things. :)