Saturday, April 18, 2009


so, at three in the morning i will think almost anything is funny.

i'm gonna explain that last post. when i was a kid i used to watch the Great Muppet Caper a lot. a lot. anyway, as a kid i didn't notice a lot of the jokes that were meant for adults. now, watching it with my kids, i get them. at least most of them. i'm sure there're some that i'm still to short for. at one point in the movie gonzo is telling the gang how he found out about the jewel heist that's gonna happen. first we see the bad guys making the plans and then the camera spans to gonzo looking dumbstruck. next scene is the muppet gang with gonzo saying "so there i was, under a table. i was doing a little photographic essay on knee caps" and everyone just kinda nods like this is normal. to me this is just hilarious. the fact that they find it so commonplace is what cracks me up. well, that movie is pretty funny. lots of good lines outta that one. especially janice. anyway, back to the original story. the other night my kids wanted to watch "the frog movie" as they call it. it was too late at night so i didn't let them. i got them to sleep and me too. since i went to bed when they did i was up in the middle of the night. i tried to go back to bed and i thought about that line, then i thought that would make a funny blog post. it was like 3am so this idea just cracked me up. i had to cover my mouth so i didn't wake anyone up with my laughing. that's when i decided i was going to do that. two of the pictures are my kids and the other three i got off google. andrew's picture kinda makes it look like he's missing a leg, but it's just under him. he's whole. emmy decided her hand should be in her picture. anyway, i thought it was funny.


okeydokeyifine said...

they looked like yours and EJ's knees to me. Maybe Rachel and Samuel's, it is so hard to tell. Look at old photos and then you decide

Puphigirl said...

I was wondering what the meaning behind the pictures was.

greenolive said...

I could just see you cracking yourself up doing this. You need some psychic help. whicuth